Darragh O’Neill might only be four, but he’s a busy man alright. Right now, his to-do list is worse than Santa’s.
Prephouse used to get out and about to shows and food festivals (back in the days when such things happened and we were allowed to).
The merrily moreish PrepHouse Christmas range is back! Our original Christmas gravy and Christmas Prosecco gravy are joined this year by two new products for 2020.
When you bring a bottle, folk are always pleased to see you.
When you try our new delicious, multi-layered tomato relish, you will soon find the opportunities for eating it are abundant.
Prep House is launching four new sauces to make any sandwich sparkle. Our new Garlic Mayo and Southwest Sauces are both gluten free and low sugar.
Our most recent innovation is a rather moreish Honey Chilli Sauce. It’s seductively sweet with just a touch of heat and it is perfect for turning a mid week meal
Prep House has been open throughout the Covid crisis. We wanted to thank our hard working staff for braving the uncertainty of the weeks past and the many projected to come.
PrepHouse sauces are designed to make everyone feel welcome. That’s why we have plenty of gluten free and vegan/vegetarian options in our sauce range that combine
Why is Crossgar Coming Down with Coconut Milk? At Prephouse we listen to our consumers. They say they really love our best selling, award winning Creamy Pepper Sauce
Prep House, the leading Northern Ireland producer of sauces, mayonnaise, dressings and marinades, has created a new product for one of Ireland’s top retail groups.
Sauce Works Ltd has received Invest NI Selective Financial Assistance for two separate projects, in support of its investment and growth plans.
Aldi is the fastest growing grocer in the UK for one good reason; they really know their customers. So, with quality, price and shelf life in mind...
But don’t take our word for it. Ask the judges at the Quality Food Awards, because in November 2018, they awarded our new Irish...