Vegan in Da House

PrepHouse sauces are designed to make everyone feel welcome. That’s why we have plenty of gluten free and vegan/vegetarian options in our sauce range that combine convenience with flavour. So, when we had the chance to have a young vegan with us for a year’s placement, we jumped at the chance. Lucy Fulton is a third year student at Loughry College studying food design and nutrition.

While she was here, she worked away in the PrepHouse Innovation Kitchen developing her understanding of Quality Management Systems and hygiene in the workplace. She also spend time developing a complete vegan Christmas menu. With a balanced approach to dietary requirements, her plant based meals are delicious and nutritious and a real eye opener for us in terms of how much flavour is possible with vegan food. We will continue to innovate with more vegan sauces to keep things tasty for this growing part of society. Sample and share – Download Lucy’s menu right here.

Download Lucy’s Vegan Christmas Menu